Silva means forest in latin, which emphasizes the origin of cacao trees, Theobroma cacao L. native to lowland rainforests of the Amazon and Orinoco river basin.

Silva: noun, sil·​va | \ˈsil-və \, the forest trees of a region or country

Over the past decades vast areas have been deforested to plant commercial varieities of cacao. With silva we source and promote premium cacao growing in sustainable agroforestry systems while conserving forests and natural resources.

Silva sustainable and premium cacao growing under forest cover, specialty cacao, silva cacao with an identity, silco
Silva premium cacao with an identity business model, specialty cacao, silco,
About us

We source cacao with an identity, taking care of flavour, forest, farmers, and the future. We supply passionate chocolate makers with a variety of identity cacao, each with unique quality and story behind.

Silva is the continuation of the wonderful story of SILCO SA, started 25 years ago by Sylvie Bellanger Guillaume, in fine cacao sourcing and importation. In 2018, Sylvie and Katrien decided to join forces to continue SILCO and adapt the business model to the current needs.

Meet the team
Sylvie Bellanger Guillaume specialty cacao silva cacao with an identity
Sylvie Guillaume
Founder & Advisor

Sylvie has over 30 years of experience in cacao and coffee sourcing, sales and logistics.

Back in 1994, she founded SILCO, with the drive to promote gourmet cacao and support farmers to improve quality and sell their products at better prices. Syvlie has been an innovator in the segment of premium cacao, bringing many orgins such as Mexico Soconosco, São Tomé and Togo on the premium cacao scène globally.


Katrien Delaet, Silva cacao with an identity, specialty cacao, silco, premium, fair and sustianable cacao, fine cacao
Katrien Delaet
Chief Cacaopreneur

Katrien is a cacao and chocolate lover, and the driving force behind Silva. She holds a master degree in bio-science engineering and economics, and has over 10 years of experience in coffee and cacao sourcing, logistics, quality and sustainability.

Her journey in search for harmony between humanity, environment and economy, started back in 2006 in Bolivia, where she trained farmers living nearby a national park to diversify & increase their income through agroforestry coffee & cacao. Passionate to set-up sustainable business models, Katrien joined forces with Sylvie in 2018 to drive change in the cacao sector, by building meaningful partnerships and promoting premium and sustainable cacao with a unique quality and story behind.

Silva team Jeannette van Bodegraven sustainable partnerships bean to bar
Jeannette van Bodegraven
Chocolate Partnerships

Marketing of sustainable and fair cacao, adding value to the supply chain and building transparent partnerships with dedicated chocolate makers are the ingredients of Jeannette's work at Silva. She could not be happier!

Having lived and worked for 15 years in different countries in South America and Africa, Jeannette landed in Brussels, chocolate capital of Europe. Jeannette holds a master degree in business economics. Over the years her career wandered from marketing, PR and journalism to partnership building.

Philip Van gestel, Silva Executive chairman, silva cacao with an identity, speciatly cacao
Philip Van gestel
Executive Chairman

Philip is an entrepreneur pur-sang, and presides Noord Natie and Efico Group. With his broad expertise and leadership skills, he drives the strategy and reviews all financials of Silva, continuously looking for new opportunities to improve the organisation in every possible way.

Kim de Greef, Silva Chief Finance, silva cacao with an identity, specialy cacao, silco,
Kim De Greef
Chief Finance

Kim holds a master degree in Applied Economics and is certified accounted. With over 10 years of experience in soft commodities trading, board functions, financial reporting, tax and audits, there are few financial secrets for her. Kim drives Silva’s financial strategy, insurance and risk management.

Christophe Dekeyser

Christophe holds a master degree in Applied Economics and has over 7 years of experience in finance and logistics of soft commodities: shipping, import, export, customs and all related services. Christophe has a solution for every problem, and is able to bring cacao from the most remote places upto your manufacturing.