Our Dream

At Silva we dream to make the cacao world a better place for all :  farmers, supply chain partners, chocolate makers and consumers. We believe in a different way of doing business by sourcing cacao with an identity, and investing time, money, and energy in our partners.

We hope to inspire many others with our approach to produce, source, and eat premium, fair, and sustainable cacao. Only if we work together, we can realize our dream.  

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How to get there

With our partners we work closely to develop a better cacao world. We address the multiple dimensions of sustainability with a systemic approach to create success for all. Since each cacao origin is different, we adopt our approach based on the needs and context of each area and producer. 

Our work directly contributes to the Sustainable Development goals:

Silva SDG support


We make a difference by applying following four principles that are deeply embedded in Silva's sourcing policy, and we want to engage everybody in applying these principles.


A Fair Income for Cacao Farmers & their Families

We are driven to build genuine partnerships that are stable and meant to be maintained for the future.

For each contract, we make direct price agreements with the farmers, paying premiums. A premium is not a given, but the result of quality and sustainability performance. Premium prices allow farmers to invest in their own future and their families.
We promote farm diversification, producing more crops, and increasing resilience and family income. 


Conserving & Restoring Cacao Producing Forest & Natural Resources for Future Generations

The massive expansion of cacao plantations has been a major driver for deforestation worldwide. The producers and plantations we work with grow cacao trees in sustainable agroforestry systems, conserve their natural resources, and do not cut down primary forest.

Decent Labour Conditions, banning Child Labour & Slavery

Worldwide over two million children work in cacao plantations, in some cases as slaves. These children cannot go to school, develop their skills and build a future. According to research one of the main causes for child labour is poverty. By paying premium prices we break the vicious circle of poverty, and build slave-free cacao supply chains not touched by children's hands. 


Join Forces

We need to work together to make this happen, and share progress. Silva starts measuring its impact against the Sustainable Development Goals as developed by the United Nations, as from January 2019.


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