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A real and honest cacao with a consistent quality from the Central region in Cameroon, characterized by reddish beans with a signature of dried nuts, chocolaty flavor and pleasant woody and spicy notes.

One day in April 2017, Aristide Tchemtchoua found out that the cacao harvest from her family farm dropped almost 25% in value, because the market price had plummeted. Her bold move to reach out to chocolatemakers was the start of a new beginning, and the foundation of cooperative SCOOPS CA. The cacao from SCOOPS stands out for its quality and changes the lives of all farmer members of the cooperative. Farmers follow a strict charter of quality, environmental and social commitments.

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where to buy cacao beans Cameroon premium cacao  specialty cacao where to buy cacao beans high quality

Nkog-Ekogo, Centre province

75 Smallholder farmers
Type of Organisation
CAMEROON - Chocolatiers Engagés

Farmers receive a minimum price at cooperative level which is at least the fair trade minimum price. Since farmers are the owners of the cooperative, they can receive an additional premium as divident from the cooperative.


SCOOPS CA employs 25 people, having direct access to additional family income.  

Cacao Growing

Cacao trees grow under the shade of forest trees, and are in many cases intercropped with bananas, mango, madarins and gombo. 

Chocolatiers Engagés

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