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Vietnam Ta Lai cacao pods silco silva cacao with an identity sourcing premium fair and sustainable specialty cacao with an identity


The minority ethnic groups Ma'a and S'tieng live in a unique and preserved culture for over centuries. The cacao they produce has a round and soft floral profile with delicate notes of white flowers and grapes.

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Dried cacao beans silco silva sourcing cacao with an identityt specialty premium fair and sustainable cacao

HAITI Ayi Choco



An intense cacao with roasted nuts, caramel and banana flavours, and delicate floral notes in the finish.

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Cacao pods silva cacoa wiht an identity


São Tomé and Principé is the second smallest country of Africa, but the first African place where cacao was grown. Heirloom Amelonado, Trinitario and forastero varieties result in a very intense taste profile with roasted cacao and fruity notes in the finish.

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Leolinda farm Brazil cacao drying silco silva sourcing  specialty cacao premium fair and sustianable cacao with an identity

BRAZIL - Leolinda Farm

The family plantation of João Dias Taveres sets the quality and sustainability standards for Brazilian fine cacao. Under the canopy of the cacao agro-forest, the pods have a longer time to ripen and develop their unique flavour with notes of fruits such as plum, banana, and hints of passion fruit.

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